Leader in self service for more 25 years

MARK automatic cash machines, money changers, cashless payment systems and other products are the hallmark of prestigious self-service commercial activities.

Founded in 1993, MARK is a solid reference point in the electronic payment industry.

Specialised in solutions for Launderettes, vending machines and car washes, our company also works successfully in other settings including campgrounds, marinas, gyms.

In all fields, we transform our vast and profound knowledge of self service into competitive advantage for our customers.

Innovative, reliable products, and more

We are constantly engaged in research and development of improvements and innovative integrated solutions.

We dedicate important shares of our investments to these areas.

The goal is to make our customers’ businesses easier, more secure and productive. But for us, supplying excellent products is only a first step.

To this we add value in the form of genuine partnership: informing, guiding and supporting our customers in making the best possible choices.

Research and development

Discovering new solutions is our great passion.

The MARK Research Centre, the origin and engine behind all company activities, captures and capitalises on the opportunities offered by technological progress.

In this way MARK leads the sector in new practical developments and renewal processes.

In this endless adventure, we view our partnerships with customers, suppliers and trade associations as important, valuable sources of useful information and suggestions.


Strictly Italian

We are proud to design and manufacture our products entirely in Italy.

Our entire design and production chain is founded on a culture of advanced and sound technology, obsessive attention to detail, passion for excellence, and typical Italian know-how.

Our technicians and sales people compose an experienced, motivated and customer-oriented team that works within a Quality System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Approximately 60% of MARK production is exported, mainly towards the European market, where our brand serves as an ambassador for all authentic Made in Italy products.