PHOENIX – Starter

Totally insulated unit in order to protect internal
components from temperature leaps and
Front opening with a new rotary lock system for
high security. Front panel and repayment spot
are illuminated.
Equipped with the new cashless system (MIFARE
technology) that can read key and card, it allows
you to manage differentiated prices per hour,
weekday and vehicle types, as well as bonuses
and much more.
It also accepts other Mark cashless systems and
all the most popular cashless systems out there.

Advanced electronics, capacitive waterproof
and vandal-proof keypad.
• Function keys to change language, request
change, request receipt and key/card
• Banknote reader with stacker, coin electronic

• Multicoin hopper (the inserted coins will be
used as change).
• Banknotes reader multinote (the inserted notes
will be used as change).
• Key/card hopper.
• Token hopper.
• Receipt printer.
• Credit card reader.
• Ethernet mail server.
• Suitable for Sherlock.

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New generation starter
We are proud to present Phoenix Touch, a starter that embodies the best technologies currently available and a series of cutting-edge technical solutions, designed to make your work easier, more productive and safer. The finishing is accurate down to the smallest detail, the front panel can be customized with the customer’s graphics. Nothing is left to chance.

Standard equipment:
7 ”vandal-proof Touch display with presence and brightness sensor
New Electronics Zephyr 2
Electronic Coin Selector SP2
Banknote reader with stacker mod. NV9 staker 600 banknotes
Coin recovery compartment and illuminated front panel

Multicoin coin dispenser (6 coins dispensed with auto top-up)
Rest in banknotes
MF3 RFID key / card reader
MF4 motorized Rfid key / card reader
Key / Card Dispenser
Qr Code reader
Credit Card Reader
Token dispensing hopper

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