PHOENIX Touch- Starter


New generation starter

We are proud to present Phoenix Touch, a starter that embodies the best technologies currently available with a revolutionary high brightness 7” Touch display combined with an innovative user friendly interface and the new high performances CPU Zephyr 2 and a series of cutting-edge technical solutions, designed to make your work easier, more productive and safer. The finishing is accurate down to the smallest detail, the front panel can be customized with the customer’s graphics.

It can manage the QR code for customer loyalty as optional and it can be connected with Sherlock for data management at highest levels as optional too.
Phoenix Touch can dispense banknotes for money rest!

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Additional information


Standard Equipment

7” vandal proof Touch Display
Zephir 2 Electronics
Electronic Coin Selector SP2
NV9 banknote reader with 600 banknotes stacker
Lighting: front panel, recovery compartment.


Multicoin hopper (the inserted coins will be used as change).
Banknotes reader multinote (the inserted notes
will be used as change).
Key/card hopper.
Token hopper.
Receipt printer.
Credit card reader.
Ethernet mail server.
Suitable for Sherlock.