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We are proud to present Vega Touch, a payment central that embodies the best technologies currently available and a series of cutting-edge technical solutions, designed to make your work easier, more productive and safer. The finishing is accurate down to the smallest detail, the front panel can be customized with the customer’s graphics. Nothing is left to chance. It manages up to 32 devices.


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VEGA Touch. Simple, reliable, and compact while managing up to 32 machines.

We are proud to present VEGA Touch, the payment central that integrates the best technologies currently available in a series of state-of-art technical solutions designed to make your work easier, more productive, and secure. Based on a latest generation touch screen, all the features are positioned exactly as you would expect to find them. The careful finish includes even the smallest details and the front panel can be customized, even with the customer’s graphics. Nothing is left to chance.

Rugged construction and perfect organization

All the devices and wiring are arranged according to a well thought out logic to simplify normal operation and maintenance. The components are easily removable using quick connectors. The machine body has been completely redesigned applying innovative methods, including numerous parts formed using 3D printing. Manufactured entirely in Italy, VEGA Touch is a “battleship” ready to withstand the toughest challenges.

MARK design 7” touch screen

We could never make do with any old commercial touch screen. Our touch display was custom designed to strict MARK specifications: 5 mm vandal-proof glass, extra-high luminosity display, anti UV and fingerprint treatment, with optical bonding to reduce unwanted reflections. In addition to all this we also integrated a proximity sensor that warns the payment central when someone approaches, regulating the display luminosity according to ambient conditions. The result is exactly what we were looking for: a technological gem that will not fail to satisfy all your requirements.

Simplicity: an endearing virtue

Rational lay-out of controls, careful ergonomic design, easy to read messages, clear and concise instructions, obvious and intuitive options: VEGA Touch was designed and constructed to match the real needs of users, providing a relaxing time in your launderette and encouraging them to return. Is this the perfect payment central? That is hard to say, but we are certainly on the right path.

Zephyr, MARK’s new generation CPU

Vega Touch incorporates the very latest MARK Zephyr CPU, equipped with:
– An extremely fast, latest generation microprocessor
– Temperature sensor
– 64 MB flash memory
– 2 MB L2C memory
– RS485 serial port
– Real-time clock
– USB port
– Micro SD Card included
– Predisposed for Mail and Sherlock servers.
Zephyr CPUs run on software developed entirely by MARK.
No commercial operating system is required, and the payment central does not need periodic operating system updates, an uninterruptible power supply, or back-up batteries.
It starts up extremely fast and is not vulnerable to digital hacking. In brief, an insurance for the future.

Countless features at your fingertips

– Can connect up to 32 devices.
– It can be connected to all devices in the launderette including vending machines, ozone cabinets, flatwork ironers, and so on.
– 4 user languages provided.
– Manages up to 6 different programs for each washing machine and up to 6 different times for each dryer.
– It is possible to define as many as 10 price lists for marketing initiatives.
– Users can decide how much to top up on the credit key or smartcard, receiving change when required.
– All settings can be programmed directly on the machine as well as on a PC.
– Credit keys or smartcards can be formatted and amounts topped up or refounded directly from the payment central.
– All payment transactions are traced and referenced for individual credit keys or smartcards.
– Up to 10 bonus levels for credit key or smartcard top ups.
– Differential prices available for four time bands on each individual day of the week.
– Differential pricing available for cash, cashless, and credit card payments.
– RFid cards can also be programmed for door opening.
– Send alarms and accounting by e-mail (up to 5 addresses).
– Detailed accounts (Excel file) exportable to a USB memory stick.
– Simple and intuitive graphic display with selection of colors, template, and screen saver.
– “CashBox Manager” software included for configuring the machine from a PC.
– Firmware updating using a USB memory stick.
… and lots more!

Credit key/smartcard reader included as standard

The MARK MF3 cashless system is included as standard, allowing VEGA Touch to be used with both electronic credit keys and contactless smartcards. The payment central has dedicated dispensers for the sale of credit keys and smartcards. Using MiFare technology, credit keys or smartcards can be customized with company graphics, even in small print runs. You can promote customer loyalty by applying differential price lists and top-up bonuses. You can closely monitor your business by tracking all operations carried out by each individual credit key or smartcard (requires Sherlock).

Free to pay

Coins, banknotes, credit cards, smartphones, fidelity cards: the payment central can manage any form of payment and dispense change in both coins and banknotes (paid-in coins and banknotes are reused for dispensing change) … and you can even print out a receipt at the end.  The change tray is spacious and illuminated.

Promote customer loyalty with QR Codes

VEGA Touch is not just an extremely reliable, high performance payment central, it can also become a very valuable tool for promoting customer loyalty. By reading QR codes generated by the “QR Code Manager”, you can award:
Bonus discounts at a predefined rate following a minimum purchase and usable within a deadline in single or multiple transactions.
A specific free service. The coupon can be used once within a deadline for a specific service.
Free service. The coupon can be used once within a deadline for any service chosen by the user.
If it is impossible to dispense change, the payment central prints a receipt with QR Code, which the customer can use for future purchases or to collect the change at a later date, as they prefer.

Software included
“QR Code Manager”, included as standard, is PC software that generates QR codes for customized bonuses. Promoting customer loyalty has never been easier!

“CashBox Manager”, included as standard, is computer software for easy programming of the payment central from a PC. The program settings are simply transferred to the machine using a normal USB memory stick.

Installation is child’s play

VEGA Touch is different right from the start, being uniquely quick and easy to install with multiple features to assist the installer. Your launderette will be up and running in a flash.


Additional information


Standard equipment:

Standard equipment:
7 ”vandal-proof Touch display with presence and brightness sensor
New Electronics Zephyr 2
Multicoin dispenser (6 coins dispensed with automatic recharge)
SP2 Electronic Coin Selector
RFID MF3 Key/card reader
NV9 bill reader with Stacker mod. 600 banknotes staker
Illuminated coin recovery compartment


Banknote recycler
Key/Card Dispenser
Qr Code reader
Credit Card Reader


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